Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2018 – The Magic Flute

Date: 29 & 30 August 2018
Venue: Shouson Theatre of Hong Kong Arts Centre

The Magic Flute
Music Director: Joe Chan
Director: Kwok Tsz Wan

The final opera composed by Mozart – it debuted just two months before his untimely death in 1791 – The Magic Flute is a classic tale of good versus evil, and tells the tale of Prince Tamino, who is saved from a serpent by three ladies in the service of the Queen of the Night. The ladies show Tamino a portrait of the Queen’s daughter, Pamina, who they say is enslaved by the evil Sarastro, and he falls in love with the beautiful girl immediately. The Queen, appearing in a burst of thunder, promises her daughter to Tamino if he rescues her. Tamino and his sidekick Papageno, a bird catcher, set off on a search for Pamina, and are given a magic flute and silver bells to ensure their safety. Led by spirits to the Temple of Sarastro, Tamino learns from a high priest that it is the Queen, not Sarastro, who is evil. When Pamina finally gets to meet Tamino, she too is enchanted by him. The two then undergo trials of initiation, but with determination and the help of the magic flute and silver bells, they triumph, and the Queen of Night is defeated.

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